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It's a feeling we spread wherever we go!

Lisbaï is a record label and music collective born in Lisbon by three friends who met on a boat.  

With a shared passion for music and a deep appreciation for the city's vibrant cultural scene, Lisbaï showcases events by celebrating friendship and love of spontaneous but curated music by talented artists

Sabaï sabaï - is a thai expression to relax and to enjoy the flow of any situations.
Being in a state of sabaï is a good thing & it is exactly what Lisbaï is all about.

Still in the early stages of development of our label, Lisbaï has released some few tunes with artists like Fabich, Moulin, ELTE, Kasper G & more on their most recent summer compilation. 

From groovy disco house to acid house, Lisbaï has no limits and puts the groove and love in the center front. 

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